All About me

After two mouths of keeping my nails healthy and prepped, I painted them a day before my trip with expensive non-toxic nail polish. Just hours before I hopped on my plane I noticed my nails starting to chip, remembering why I never paint my nails! After a long flight I made it to my family's, in Michigan. While making my way to my moms stinky acetone polish remover, I ran into a mini mani kit my aunt gifted my mother. I put the wraps on (thinking they where kind of silly,) after 5 days of wearing them I was impressed with how nice my nails still looked. No chipping, I couldn't stop staring at them, I felt so beautiful! On the 7th day I wore my wraps into a dentist appointment my D.R. Said "cool nails" his assistant said "it's Jamberry!" Instantly an idea sparked, wow this advertises itself and they are so addictive. After arriving to my moms I got online, browsed the whole list of wraps for sale and saw the Nail Art studio and fundraiser program, I decided I was obsessed! With excitement I quickly messaged my aunt, who I know some how sells for Jamberry, and asked her how I can promote these wraps? She invited me over and told me all about becoming an Independent Jamberry Consultant. I am so happy I found this company the business model is set us for success! This opportunity came into my life at the right moment, Now it has been a whole three mounths of not biting my nails. The best part is I am my own boss and I make my own schedule!

Why did I join Jamberry?

* Be creative and express my self

* I love how pretty nails make me feel

* Meet other entrepreneurs

* Make friends

* Build a rockin team!

* Raise money for charity

* Opportunity to develop new skills and grow

* Have a challenge and reach goals

* Financial benefits, classes, travel, fun, future & family

* I love talking about what I'm passionate about

* I get paid to have fun and party!

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